Grand Prix Garage - GPL

The effect of the bandwidth patch (showing more cars)

Here are two situations where you can see what a difference it can make seeing only 1 car behind vs. 2 or more.


Here you see the same situation from the server (left) and from the client (right). Since only 1 car behind is shown to the client, he only sees the car across the fence, and thinks he can safely re-enter the track. An accident with the white car was the result.

And here again the road seems clear to the client(right), when in fact there are a lot of cars approaching Rouen's hairpin (server display left). This one is extremely deceptive, as the client can see one car just entering the picture (zoom to see) and could therefor conclude that there are no other cars in between. However, this car is not shown behind, but in front, as GPL wraps to showing cars at the back when there are not enough to show in front.

In both cases, and a lot of other ones I have seen in races, showing 2 or more cars behind would have made the difference between a crash and a clean race. Besides these examples, where cars are looking backwards, situations with 2 leaders lapping slower cars are also greatly helped when the lapped car can see two cars behind instead of just one.


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