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Modified starting grids

Here are alternative track.ini files for 32 tracks. The starting grid is changed to a 1x1 staggered format, giving the cars more room. This allows for better starts in online races. When used online, only the host needs to install the files. Clients will then use the modified grids automatically.
At least three differently spaced grids are provided for each track. Grids for 21 add-on tracks are provided (Brands Hatch, Dubai, Hickory, Homestead, Loudon (New England), Phoenix, Watkins Glen 99, Österreichring, Taladega, Atlanta, Snetterton, Cleveland, Elkhart Lake, Imola, Indianapolis, Laguna Seca, Mid Ohio, Riverside, Road Atlanta, Solitude and Goodwood). A facility for batch copying of the track.ini files is included.

(Silverstone 6 units spaced)

Download (144 KB)
Download (7 KB) for updated Solitude track.ini's; includes a zip with Martijn Keizer's new track.ini of 10 august 2000.
Download (144 KB); this is the patched trackol16, but it does not include the zip with Martijn's new track.ini.
version history.

The bandwidth patch

By default, GPL online will show only 4 cars in front and 1 behind over internet dialup connections. This patch lets you increase those numbers to 6 in front and 2 behind, or more. And it allows servers to show any combination of cars in front and cars behind instead of the default 75%/25% division.
To see what difference the bandwidth patch can make, see these examples.

There is support for GPL as well as GPL (Cpu fix). The program can apply and remove the Morecars patch and the Cars behind patch, and shows the current patch status.

New in version 3.0

New in version 3.1

Download (version 3.1) [40 KB]

Example core.ini files

Here is a zip file containing 3 example core.ini files for GPL and GPL The comments explain the parameters and default values. Do not copy them as core.ini without modification, certain parameters need to be tailored to your configuration. At least look at: replayMemoryOverride, AllowForceFeedback, synch_method, clock_adj_delay and the OpenGL settings (if applicable).

The files are:

Download (6KB).

Download (6KB).

Special effects

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