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Middle Aged Racers Association - Europe
The Middle Aged Racers Association - Europe (MARA-E) is a group of experienced and mature drivers who share a desire for clean, competitive and gentlemanly sim racing. Drivers must be at least 30 (although most are considerably older!) and display a respectful (whilst still competitive!) approach to their fellow racers.
The group has run a number of different simulations including Grand Prix Legends, GT Legends, rFactor and GTR2. There have also been a number of mods for these base games that the league has been keen to try out. The pictures on this page show MARA race scenes from the excellent Power and Glory mod for GTR2. Most recently the HistorX mod for rFactor was used, which was also extremely good.
Time commitments, and low driver attendance, has meant that the league has been put "on hold" for the time being. It is hoped that in the future this will change. However, for now, regular race events are no longer being organised. As of Sept 2012, the remaining MARA-E drivers will be racing in the 4 way v8 Factor interclub championship put together by the flatout club. Watch this space for future developments...

Many thanks to all those who have helped out with MARA-E over the years. Also to the modders for producing some outstanding games (for free). Check out films of our races on Youtube and Simtube