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Sergio Desini wins the 1st MARAE Championship of 2010 driving a taxi!
This season saw MARAE using a new group of cars from the fantastic Power and Glory GTR2 mod. In recent seasons MARAE has tended to use cars from the Over 2 Litre GT class. However, for this 13 round championship, 60's Touring & Under 2 Litre GT cars were mandated. One or two slower cars from other classes such as the Triumph TR4 and Austin Healey were also permitted. Probably the most popular choice of car was the Cortina, although the Alpine A1100 1300cc proved to be the car to beat.
Sergio Desini (above) put in an amazing performance using his familiar #39 taxi. Stunned passengers were amazed as he put in lap after lap of extremely quick times. Sergio is a relative newcomer to MARA and is already proving to be the driver to beat at the moment.
Marco Casadei (above) was second in the championship despite not being able to attend as many races as he would have probably liked. His performance in the nimble but under powered Abarth was extremely impressive indeed.
Daniele Dallospedale (above) came in a very worthy third. Again like Marco, Daniele was able to put in good results driving a car that was not expected to be very competitive. Daniele swapped to driving the Elite after finding he was going too quickly in his original choice of car (the Alpine A1100 1300cc). He wanted his victories to be harder work.
The Grande Finale of the championship was a 10 lap endurance race round the infamous 13 mile long Nordschelife circuit. The track is widely considered the toughest, most dangerous and most demanding purpose-built racing circuit in the world. It was nicknamed "The Green Hell" by Jackie Stewart. This race was won by a flying Manos Vichos (above) after a fantastic drive, which for him, ended in the early hours of the morning.
Many thanks to everybody who competed and helped make this championship so much fun.
Pos Driver Points Gap Car
1Sergio Desini1540Lotus Cortina Works
2Marco Casadei13816Abarth 1000TC Gr5
3Daniele Dallospedale13618Lotus Elite
4Giuseppe Reali12034Lotus Cortina Works
5Alberto Franceschi9856Alpine Renault A110 1300
6Manos Vichos9460Alfa Romeo 1300 GTA Junior
7Erik Roeterdink8074Triumph TR4
8Ian Curnow7579Abarth 1000TC Gr5
9Danilo Boselli7480Abarth 1000TC Gr5
10Mark Craggs6094Mini Cooper 1275s
11Clive Loynes5896Lotus Cortina Mann
12Simon Loynes49105Alpine Renault A110 1300
13Koit Reispass44110Lotus Cortina Mann
14Fulvio Policardi38116Lotus Elite 22
15Tucker Fleming32122Triumph TR4
16Ronny van de Pol22132Mini Cooper 1275s
17Mike Miller12142Lotus Elite
18Vincenzo Giagheddu11143Mini Cooper 1275s
19Daniele Dallavalle5149Lotus Cortina Works
20Pascal van de Pol0154Mini Cooper 1275s
21Michele Cuoghi0154Abarth 1000TC Gr5